Enimine is the first Bouncing Betty for the Airsoft.

A lot of not-working or unrealistic mines are available on the market, and almost all of them work by a pressure trigger. There cannot be any hope to hit the target with a single mine in a vast playground.
Hence the idea of ​​Enimine, a jumping land mine for the technological and innovative airsoft, with remote trigger by a microwave radar and the coverage of 5 meters radius.

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Unlike other common land mines, Enimine has a microwave radar which can be activated with an RF remote control; it detects movements in a radius of 5 meters and it triggers the launch and, subsequently, the detonation of the bouncing mine filled with gas and BB’S.

The gas shoots BB’s in every direction up to a distance of about 6 meters.

It is equipped with a disarm system, just hit it for 3 times and Enimine will trigger and detonate.

In the case of not triggering, Enimine can always be deactivated via the RF remote control.
In addition, the mine trigger can also be activated instantly by pressing the appropriate button on the remote control.

Enimine can be buried for ¾ of its body, becoming practically invisible to the human eye.

How to use Enimine ?

Enimine has a quick and easy use.
Connect and store the battery in the compartment located at the bottom of the base. When the battery is connected, an acoustic signal indicates that the system is on and in stand-by mode.
Load the 4 cavities of the bouncing mine with the BB’s, then you have to push the cap placed in the lower part of the mine till it is stuck.

Once the bouncing mine is based on the piston, it must be crushed until it is stuck in the trigger system.

Then you just have to fill the bouncing mine with green gas for 1 or 2 seconds through the valve on the top.

Now, let step away and activate it with the RF remote control. Enimine will take care of the rest.

Both the activation and deactivation are indicated by different acoustic signals, as well as the search function and the “low battery” function.